Graduate School Abroad

A graduate program is an opportunity for a student to immerse themselves in a particular subject and prepare them for a specific career. There are hundreds of graduate schools in the United States to choose from, but have you considered studying abroad? Besides a graduate degree, going abroad to continue your education can yield plenty of secondary benefits that you may not have considered yet. Let's highlight some of the reasons why continuing your education might take you overseas!

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Boost Your Resume 
Through Volunteering

Volunteering was once seen as a way to beef up your resume when it was lacking in other areas, but not something that really made a difference to employers in the hiring process. These days, employers are viewing volunteering in a more positive light and considering it to be a valuable component of a candidate's background. This change means that you can now do something that makes you feel good, while truly gaining valuable skills that will round out your resume.

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Liking the Work You Do

When reading career advice it is easy to come across one basic concept over and over again: love the work you do. Young adults hear this when they are told how to pick college majors, when choosing internships and finding that first job after graduation. However, this advice for young adults is not always reasonable or practical when you are under a mountain of student loans.

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Fall Semester Success

The start of the fall semester is finally here. For many of us, it means getting back into regular habits that have been neglected over the summer. Is it possible to flip the switch and get back into regular school mode? Probably not, but there is hope! With these helpful tips, you can more easily bridge the gap between the summer and your semester and ensure your academic success.

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