The Benefits of Saving


A young adult’s life is full of big transitions. College, first full time job, a social life, married life, travel plans, etc. These transitions are exciting, stressful and most of all financially challenging. Living paycheck to paycheck is hard but not having a backup plan or a cushion is even harder. Putting money away in a savings account is probably the last thing on many people’s mind, not to mention trying to navigate the world of various savings accounts.

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Joint Credit Cards


Joining checking accounts with your spouse is much different than attaining a joint credit card. If something goes wrong with one partner's credit the penalties and repercussions can be irreversible for the other partner's finances. When you get married it is common to get a joint checking account in order to pay bills together. But once you dive down the slippery slope of joint credit there are details you need to know.

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Checking Your Credit Report


When you were little and you loaned friends money you made sure that the money would get paid back. If you were a good businessperson you might have even made them pay you back with interest. The one important determining factor you made sure of before lending out money was; is that person a good, trustworthy friend with a good history of paying back money? Everyone thinks about that because nobody wants to get scammed.

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When to Start your Job search


There is plenty of advice out there about when it is the best time to start looking for a job. For college students, or recent graduates, the job search can feel like a huge, scary door you don’t know how to open. The transition from looking for part-time employment and internships to an entry level position in your chosen career may make your realize that you haven’t gone through such a competitive and time consuming application process since you applied to college. It is ok to take a minute to freak out.


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